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Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali and Prosperous New year!!!

Today in the morning as I visited the balcony for some fresh air and wish my lovely garden a good morning, I was shocked to see the smoggy view. Was unable to breathe with so many pollutants in the air.

Past two days, the visibility of far buildings were so clear and now I could hardly see my next building. The harmful smog was spread like a white layer in the atmosphere. I don’t blame only crackers for the cause but also the number of vehicles, industries which are continuously emitting air pollutants.

We are forced to think about our future, will the situation remain the same or become worse with the coming years. Will our future generation will get see any fresh weather and have fresh air to breathe.


Pic Credit: ANI

I know, global warming is the major issue faced by humans on earth for the survival, which if not controlled may be the reason for the extinction of our species too. And the only solution for it is more and more plantation of carbon-di-oxide absorbing machines which nature has provided us i.e trees.

We here at, moving forward to create more and more awareness and making these oxygen enriched pack easily available to the society to save from harmful effects of the polluted atmosphere.

For quick and faster removal and prevention from harmful pollutants from your home, check the below oxygen enriched packs and seed bombs:

Top 5 air purifier and oxygen enriching plant pack


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A perfect combination of indoor plants to purify, remove and absorb harmful pollutants.

Oxygen giving plants for the office


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Need to purify your office environment, get these plants. They not only purify but also glorify your office space.

Top 5 Oxygen Bomb Plants Pack

A power pack plants pack for small apartments to buy.

To help our future generation suggest to make use of below seeds bomb on all your trips and vacations.

Kids fun gardening, Peela Gulmohar (Pack of 20) – Seed balls

Easy to motivate kids for plantation with fun with these balls and slingshot.

Peacock flower (Pack of 20) – Seed balls


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Beautiful flower pack to make the area more beautiful

Peela Gulmohar (Pack of 20) – Seed balls


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Avenue tree pack for more greenery, shade and beautiful shades

More packs available…..!!! Use Code: DIWALI100 for flat Rs100 off on min. order of Rs 599 at

Again wishing all my readers Happy and Prosperous Diwali!! #GoGreen #StayHealthy

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