Include these top 5 vegetables in your diet this monsoon

Monsoon is at our doorsteps. Yes!! Be ready to forget summer heat and enjoy those cold breezes and showers.

The onset of monsoon will also set way to various ailments by lowering your immunity and digestion power.

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This monsoon you can keep yourself healthy by including some easy to grow vegetables in your diet.

  1. Lauki / Bottle Gourd

Botanically known as Lagenaria siceraria, lauki is an annual climbing herbaceous plant.  Bottle gourd juice is an excellent medicine if taken in the morning on empty stomach.


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Practitioners of Ayurveda consider it as a remedy for diabetes, heart disease, constipation, liver diseases, urinary problems, depression, etc.

So be it a spicy yummy recipe or simply juice, lauki would boost your health this monsoon for sure.

  1. Karela / Bitter gourd

As the name suggests it is bitter in taste but take my words ‘even though it tastes bitter; Karela is sweeter than the bad experiences you may face due to different ailments.

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Karela is consumed as a vegetable and is also taken as juice early morning which acts as an antioxidant booster and a well-known remedy to lower blood sugar among other health benefits.

  1. Radish

This rich source of fiber must be part of your monsoon diet to aid digestion. Radish is also a rich source of vitamins and iron.

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It is believed that Radish improves overall metabolism rate and turn internal functions work better.

  1. Beetroot

This low in fat, high in minerals and vitamins vegetable tuber is a highly nutritious food you can have to keep diseases at bay.

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It can be eaten raw, used in soups or just have a glass of its healthy juice.  In any form, it is a rich source of antioxidants, calcium, minerals, carbs, and fibers.

  1. Tinda

Tinda or Indian squash is an amazing yummy vegetable to have in monsoon season. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which help to prevent excess acid formation in the body as well as can sooth digestion. Its high fiber content helps in digestion too.


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Prepare some spicy dish with these vegetables with added garlic, ginger, coriander, and turmeric to fortify its properties and enjoy your monsoon without worry to fall sick.

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Most amazing part of these vegetables is that you can maximize their health benefits by growing them organically in your kitchen garden.

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